Monthly Specials

Every month, we offer a special discount on some type or category of item.  The items featured in our specials vary from month to month and are not planned in advance.  Check this page each month to find out what is featured for a sale at that time.  In order to qualify for the monthly special, you must (1) mention the discount at the time you make your initial inquiry and place your order, and (2) have your payment postmarked anytime within the month that the special is offered.  It's that simple!



With Halloween just behind us as we begin November, we thought we'd take this month to look back for our monthly special.  All items with any type of Halloween theme to them will be discounted by 20% this month. That includes such things as characters wearing masks or costumes, all decorative wall masks that we have in stock, all ghosts and monsters and witches and the like.  Happy [belated] Halloween everyone!


OCTOBER 2016 -- Yogi Bear and Huckleberry Hound

SEPTEMBER 2016 -- follow us on Twitter

AUGUST 2016 -- Bambi  (and friends)

JULY 2016 -- glasses, tumblers, and cool beverages

JUNE 2016 -- Garfield

MAY 2016 -- May flowers

APRIL 2016 -- April showers (water, shower, and bath themes)

MARCH 2016 -- female characters

FEBRUARY 2016 -- Valentines, and red or pink items

JANUARY 2016 -- baby characters & baby-related items

DECEMBER 2015 -- caps and hats

NOVEMBER 2015 -- Woody Woodpecker and friends

OCTOBER 2015 -- Underdog and friends, and other dogs

SEPTEMBER 2015 -- back to school

AUGUST 2015 -- summertime

JULY 2015 -- Bugs Bunny

JUNE 2015 -- dads and grads

MAY 2015 -- Hanna Barbera character merchandise

APRIL 2015 -- things with springs (including Tigger)

MARCH 2015 -- Lucy and friends

FEBRUARY 2015 -- sports-themed items

JANUARY 2015 -- newer and recently made items

DECEMBER 2014 -- Sesame Street / Muppets

NOVEMBER 2014 -- inventory numbers with a 17 in them

OCTOBER 2014 -- bald characters and those with no hair

SEPTEMBER 2014 -- Smokey Bear and other bears

AUGUST 2014 -- Spiderman and other Marvel characters

JULY 2014 -- banks

MAY / JUNE 2014 -- birds

APRIL 2014 -- Woodstock and other Peanuts characters





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